I’m Chirag Gadara

Common Man With Uncommon Dreams

Learning, Growing & Exploring.

Who Am I ?

My hobbies, my passion and few glimpses from my creative self journey.

What Am I ?

My skills, my knowledge and expertise, and few glimpses from my work experience.

Sharing is Caring

Say Hello to THE NEW “Me”

Some one rightly said, “Growth is the only evidence of life”. And passionate people like you & me keeps growing at small intervals, bringing tiny changes in our inner self in a hope to make the Big Change in near future. So here i am to share…

The Game Of Life - the way I am playing.

The Truth Of Life - the way I have faced.

The Secret Of Successful Life - the things I am believing.

The Treasure Of Life - as I am still exploring.

Inner Wisdom

As Indian ancient culture suggests, God is within each of us, it’s not just that, but the world, and everything else starts from within.

The Separate World

Believe it or not, there are two separate world, the one we are living in and the other most strives to reach.

The Science Behind

Science has taken a long journey to reveal numerous hidden secrets of world, nature and life, but how many are we aware of ?

Beginner's Mindset

There is no end to innovations, opportunities, and hence there is no end to learning. We only need the Beginner’s Mindset to feel that.

Keep Learning & Keep Growing.

This is how I have been living my life since many years, but realised recently. Learning, not only helps me grow my set of skills but makes me more and more aware of my self, my capabilities and my ultimate passion. For me learning has become the journey of discovering myself.

The Road I Have Travelled So Far. My Skills.

From my engineering first year till now(2020), almost 18 years, I have spent my days in learning, experiencing and working in lot of things including…

Embedded Electronics, Ethical Hacking, Networking & Security, Domain & Web Servers, PHP & MySql, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Automation, IOT, Raspberry PI, Photoshop, After Effects, Large Data Processing, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online business opportunities, and going on…

My Secret & Key To Learn Lot Of Skills.

The only secret of having experience in so many things is “Never Say NO”. I accept every challenge and real life problem as a learning opportunity and my mind automatically starts working on how to solve the problem. That’s it… 

What Will You Learn Here?

Well, you may learn a lot or may be nothing at all. Actually I am not here to teach anything or guide you on anything, but just to share my views, ideas and to connect with like minded guys like you.

I Am NO GURU, Just a Learner With Beginner's Mindset.

Yes, as said above, I am just a common man with uncommon dreams and on journey to achieve something great. If you feel connected, you can join, ask and learn but we are all same here.

About Me

Well, My name is Chirag Gadara, born in 1986 and grown in to a common man with uncommon dreams, at least I believe so wink.

Electronics & Communication Engineer by education, Ex-JTO (Junior Telecom Officer) BSNL, Software Developer (Coder) by passion and finally now, an entrepreneur in the second inning of my life. Yes, that’s right, I am really into it.

In case (may be) if you are still interested, check out the link below.

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The BIG Why to me?

The BIG Why to me?

Today, whatever or whoever I am, is the result of lot of things I have done through out my life, my journey till now. I got inspired from reading so many books, I got affected and touched mentally and emotionally by so many movies I watched, I learned a lot from the...

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It is not as much about who you used to be, as it is about who you choose to be.

Whatever we want to achieve in life, there is only one method and only one great road that leads to our goal. The road that most achiever’s followed, The road that is either unknown to most of us, or we know, but we never realised. 

For me, this road is to keep growing at micro level. Goal is not something materialistic but its the commitment we made to ourselves and try hard to fulfil the same. Sometimes, this road feels painful, full of hurdles and uncomfortable. But once we keep going, one fine day, we start enjoying the journey and start believing that bad roads go to good places.

Space rocket always needs maximum fuel during it’s launch as compared to its whole journey around the earth. And so we do too, need maximum efforts and energy to leave the gravity of our own beliefs and comfort zone.