Today, whatever or whoever I am, is the result of lot of things I have done through out my life, my journey till now. I got inspired from reading so many books, I got affected and touched mentally and emotionally by so many movies I watched, I learned a lot from the various experiences as life behaves like a very strict teacher sometimes, and also gone through many life learning lessons by simply observing the things going on around.

But one thing that I inspired me to be here is that small but powerful realization, a question I experienced one fine mid night while reading a book. It was that, during this whole journey of experiences what made me the person I am today?

While I was going through ups and downs of the life, sometimes painful and sometimes full of happiness, many questions started hitting my mind. I have no one, to whom I can ask these questions, and that lead me to go on search for the answers my self. As I started looking for answers here and there, I learned that I am not alone. So many people have the same questions, experiencing same problems in their life, in their career. But receives different answers based on where they are looking for and what’s their current state of mind to interpret the information received.

So I had a strong feeling about having my own blog to share my own experiences and my own interpretations of life, growth, learning and problem solving.

I am not trying to make just another motivational blog, but my intentions are

  1. To share, what I discovered and keep searching.
  2. To connect with like minded people.
  3. To be helpful to those who really need it.
  4. To add an element to my own journey where may be I can learn more and share more.

If you feel connected, do share your comments, questions, your own views, or just anything you like.

So, this is why I am here.

-Chirag Gadara.